Jason Holic


I grew up on the beaches of Florida, searching for sharks teeth along the Venice shore and watching countless sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. I've lived in and learned from experiences in other states: Illinois, South Carolina, and California have all appeared alongside my name on some form of identification in my life. But Florida is my home. It's where I went to school, its Gulf is where I was baptized. My wife and I met at UCF and our two sons were born in Orlando.

In my life and travels, I have seen no state with more potential to lead the nation, nurture its rising stars, and be more open to differing points of view. Florida - my home - is the state best positioned to bring together folks of all walks of life, whether to enjoy a vacation at the theme parks or to bridge political divides.


Having lived in the Midwest, the South, California, and Florida, I bring a unique sensibility, work ethic, and balanced approach to work and play, fiscal and social responsibilities, and respect for both tradition and progress that makes me particularly well suited in bridging the gaps between political parties. In fact, I have been a registered member of the Republican and Democratic parties, but I have spent the majority of my voting life without party affiliation. My loyalty is to the nation and this state above any political organization.


Eagle Scout. Ordained deacon. Cub Scouts Den Leader. Beta Theta Pi Man of Principle. Inventor (patent application 63/157,271). Award-winning home brewer. Marathon runner. Mentor to UCF and San Diego State students. If it's worth doing, it's worth committing to. If elected, I'll take that same determination and drive to the U.S. Capitol on behalf of all Floridians.


I seek the greater good in the work I do. Early in my career, I led digital marketing efforts for suicide prevention, mental illness stigma reduction, and healthy nutrition campaigns. Currently, I improve the lives of Osceola County residents by encouraging out-of-state visitors to spend their money in our community. I work harder when I find a purpose in my work greater than myself. Whenever I have the opportunity, I serve outside of work through simple acts like donating blood, contributing to nonprofit fundraisers, painting homes, fixing playgrounds, or serving food to the underprivileged.


Learning is a lifelong passion we can all enjoy. I believe in the power of public education. I attended public schools and graduated from Pine View School in Sarasota as a National Merit Scholar. I chose to attend a public university - the University of Central Florida - and I came away with an education that rivals any other school I could have attended. I earned my Master's at another public institution, this time the University of South Carolina. I have since taught at UCF and continue to be a proponent of public schools and libraries.

More about Jason

You can find out more about me and this campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. I won't post as much as other candidates or public officials - I don't have a paid dedicated social media team to post on my behalf, and I hold a full-time job to help support my family - so I hope you don't take offense if I forget to post on International Unbuttered Toast Day. But I will respond to questions and feedback from Floridians to the best of my ability.